Name Title Job responsibilities Phone E-mail
Alkjær, Tine Associate Professor Human Movement Science +4528757216 E-mail
Andersen, Michelle Visiting Student Xlab +4535337903 E-mail
Bandak, Elisabeth Ann Postdoc Human Movement Science   E-mail
Beck, Thomas Nyegaard Laboratory Technician. Xlab   E-mail
Bekker-Jensen, Simon Holst Professor professor +4535325024 E-mail
Berliocchi, Laura Guest Researcher visiting researcher +4535333174 E-mail
Bizard, Anna Helene Associate Professor research associate professor +4535335482 E-mail
Blasius, Melanie Associate Professor research associate professor +4535334455 E-mail
Boddeke, Erik Affiliate Professor affiliate professor   E-mail
Bogdanovic, Helena Master Student Xlab   E-mail
Bohr, Vilhelm Affiliate Professor Affiliate professor   E-mail
Carmona Marin, Lina Maria Research Assistant Research assistant   E-mail
Casella, Laura Master Student Xlab   E-mail
Christensen, Ulla Associate Professor Associate Professor +4535327663 E-mail
Clotworthy, Amy Assistant Professor +4535337792 E-mail
Conway, Paul Maurice Associate Professor Psychosocial work environment, work stress, workplace mistreatment, workplace bullying, sickness presenteeism, ageing, work ability, mental health +4535324935 E-mail
Cui, Rui Postdoc Postdoc +4535324771 E-mail
Dalsgaard, Linda Boje Laboratory Technician laboratory technician +4535327813 E-mail
Dela, Flemming Professor Xlab +4535327425 E-mail
Ej Efternavn, Salar Ahmed Postdoc Postdoc +4535324629 E-mail
Flensted-Jensen, Mathias PhD Fellow Xlab +4535320326 E-mail
Gates, Anne Theil Postdoc +4538635676 E-mail
Gillberg, Linn Assistant Professor Xlab   E-mail
Gravert, Christina Associate Professor Behavioral Economics; Experimental Economics; Public Policy; Nudging; Incentives and Behavior Change +4535334782 E-mail
Grünenberg, Kristina Associate Professor Anthropology of health and illness, South Korea, aging, technology   E-mail
Hansen, Filip Master Student Xlab   E-mail
Hansen, Maria PhD Student Xlab   E-mail
Hansen, Mikkel Thunestvedt PhD Fellow Xlab +4535334422 E-mail
Helge, Jørn Wulff Professor Xlab +4528757506 E-mail
Hickson, Ian David Professor professor +4535326738 E-mail
Højfeldt, Grith Stougaard Postdoc Uden gruppe   E-mail
Jennum, Poul Clinical Professor Neurology +4538632512 E-mail
Jørgensen, Niklas Rye Clinical Professor Clinical Biochemistry +4538632456 E-mail
Jørgensen, Terese Sara Høj Associate Professor Associate Professor +4535335886 E-mail
Kaiser, Sebastian Postdoc Postdoc   E-mail
Keijzers, Guido Assistant Professor Assistant professor +4535326473 E-mail
Kirkwood, Tom Affiliate Professor +4593565491 E-mail
Kristiansen, Maria Professor Deputy Department Head +4535334805 E-mail
Larsen, Steen Associate Professor Xlab +4521151924 E-mail
Larsson, Henrik Bo Wiberg Clinical Professor Clinical Physiology and Nuclear Medicine +4524824294 E-mail
Law, Ian Clinical Professor Clinical Physiology and Nuclear Medicine   E-mail
Lewis, Chris Postdoc Xlab   E-mail
Li, Yuan Postdoc postdoc +4535328139 E-mail
Li, Zhiquan Postdoc   E-mail
Lund, Rikke Professor, Head of Section Head of Section +4535327992 E-mail
Lundby, Stine Meinild Academic Research Staff Xlab +4535324507 E-mail
Mackey, Abigail Clinical Professor Orthopaedic Surgery +4538635366 E-mail
Madsen, Claus Desler Associate Professor research associate professor   E-mail
Matiyevskaya, Frida PhD Fellow +4535320465 E-mail
Melhedegaard, Elise Gerlach PhD Student Xlab +4529459686 E-mail
Mikkelsen, Sarah Sundberg Bachelor student Xlab   E-mail
Mkrtchyan, Garik Assistant Professor Assistant professor +4535333040 E-mail
Molbo, Drude Data Administrator Data Administrator +4535326736 E-mail
Mordente, Kelly Christine Research Assistant Research assistant +4535322194 E-mail
Nielsen, Christian Friberg Researcher Researcher +4535331641 E-mail
Nielsen, Jannie Associate Professor +4535331262 E-mail
Nilsson, Charlotte Juul Associate Professor Associate Professor +4535327122 E-mail
Nørmark, Laura Elina Pirhonen Assistant Professor +4520706885 E-mail
Ochala, Julien Associate Professor - Promotion Programme Xlab +4535335651 E-mail
Okholm, Gunhild Tidemann Assistant Professor +4535330803 E-mail
Osborne, Brenna Assistant Professor assistant professor +4535336290 E-mail
Osler, Merete Clinical Professor +4538633280 E-mail
Petersen, Simon Bech Laboratory Technician Xlab +4535331248 E-mail
Petr, Michael Angelo Researcher Researcher +4535336051 E-mail
Poggi, Axel Illeris Academic Research Staff Xlab   E-mail
Rasmussen, Lene Juel Professor Executive Director, Professor +4529176532 E-mail
Reves, Simon William Nayberg Master Thesis Student masters thesis student   E-mail
Sahl, Ronni Eg Research Assistant Xlab   E-mail
Scheibye-Knudsen, Morten Associate Professor associate Professor +4535337096 E-mail
Singh, Manasvini External Researcher   E-mail
Snieckute, Goda Postdoc Postdoc +4535336532 E-mail
Sonne, Alexander Kamp PhD Student Xlab   E-mail
Srivarathan, Abirami Postdoc +4535334443 E-mail
Suetta, Charlotte Clinical Professor Internal Medicine: Geriatrics +4523339493 E-mail
Taylor, Jodie Katherine Nutrition Consultant Xlab +4535335259 E-mail
Teklu, Amanuel Abraha External, Ph.d Student PhD student +4535332936 E-mail
Tranberg, Cathrine Master Student XLAB   E-mail
Tybjerg-Jeppesen, Anette PhD Student Perceptions on age and ageing including ageism in Danish society and in the workplace, the influence of intergenerational relations on ageism +4553733074 E-mail
Tønnesen, Laura Ryder PhD Fellow   E-mail
Vind, Anna Constance Postdoc postdoc +4535333474 E-mail
Wang, Yiqing Research Assistant research assistant +4535330766 E-mail
Weinreich, Cecilie Moe Academic Research Staff Xlab +4535328781 E-mail
Wu, Zhenzhen PhD Fellow PhD fellow   E-mail
Yeung, Ching-Yan Chloé Postdoc +4538635190 E-mail