About Center for Healthy Aging

Center for Healthy Aging is a research center funded by Nordea-fondenWe study how more people can have a healthy life and healthy aging. Our approach to research is interdisciplinary and the center studies aging and aging processes from cell to society.

Center for Healthy Aging is a network of research units, most of which are currently located at the University of Copenhagen and the Dean of the Faculty of Health and Medical SciencesUlla Wewer, has overall responsibility for the center. The other research units are based at the Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Social Sciences as well as a number of hospitals. 

Vision and mission

Our vision is to be a world-leading interdisciplinary research center that empowers people to live longer, healthier, and more meaningful lives.

Our mission is to employ a common conceptual framework to understand the complex interplay of biological, psychological, social, and cultural factors that influence health and wellbeing at an individual and a societal level. We engage actively with a variety of stakeholders to develop interventions and policies that promote healthy living and social participation in old age.