Bekker-Jensen Group

The staff list is under development and therefore, it does not provide a complete view of the staff in the Bekker-Jensen Group at this point. The list is expected to be elaborated in early 2019.

Bekker-Jensen, Simon HolstProfessor +45 353-25024E-mail
Blasius, MelanieAssistant professor +45 353-34455E-mail
Calderon-Cifuentes, PauliePhD student +45 353-31120E-mail
Kjeldsen, Ida Vinggaard  E-mail
Nordgaard, CathrinePhD student +45 353-30346E-mail
Reinert, Marie SofieStudent assistant  E-mail
Snieckute, GodaPhD student +45 353-36532E-mail
Tiedje, ChristopherAssociate professor +45 353-35344E-mail
Vind, Anna ConstancePhD student +45 353-33474E-mail