Rasmussen Group

The staff list is under development and therefore, it does not provide a complete view of the staff in the Rasmussen Group at this point. The list is expected to be elaborated in early 2019.

Anugula, SharathResearch assistant +45 353-31077E-mail
Christensen, Maja EllingMaster thesis student  E-mail
Duan, ShunleiPhD fellow +45 353-32967E-mail
Frandsen, Marianne HvidtfeldtLaboratory technician +45 353-27757E-mail
Hansson, SvenjaResearch assistant  E-mail
Koefoed, Thomas GadeBachelor student  E-mail
Li, ZhiquanPhD student +45 353-35836E-mail
Lindestrand-Hansen, Thomas LauPhD student +45 353-35498E-mail
Madsen, Claus DeslerAssociate professor  E-mail
Pena Diaz, JavierAssociate professor +45 353-35262E-mail
Rasmussen, Lene JuelManaging director of centre, professor +45 29 17 65 32E-mail
Song, PengPhD student +45 353-33630E-mail