Hickson Group

The staff list is under development and therefore, it does not provide a complete view of the staff in the Hickson Group at this point. The list is expected to be elaborated in early 2019.

Aleliunaite, AisteResearch assistant +45 353-35476E-mail
Bhowmick, RahulAssistant professor +45 353-34264E-mail
Bizard, Anna HeleneAssistant professor +45 353-35482E-mail
Bueno Venegas, AndrésPhD student +45 353-34628E-mail
Hickson, Ian DavidProfessor +45 353-26738E-mail
Horváth-Sarlós, Kata EszterAssistant professor +45 353-35540E-mail
Luk, FrederickLaboratory coordinator +45 353-34075E-mail
Nielsen, Christian Thomas FribergPostdoc +45 353-31641E-mail
Singh, Manika IndrajitPostdoc +45 353-26189E-mail
Thakur, Roshan SinghPostdoc +45 353-30243E-mail