Aging and DNA repair in the Scheibye-Knudsen Group

What causes aging? And can we discover interventions leading to healthy aging? To answer these questions, the Scheibye-Knudsen Group uses protein biochemistry, cell biological methodologies, mouse and fly models and big-data machine. 

Aging and DNA repair in the Scheibye-Knudsen Group

Research focus

The group utilizes state-of-the-art in silico, in vitro and in vivo analyses to (i) develop models of aging, (ii) investigate mechanisms of aging and (iii) design and test interventions leading to healthy longevity.

The application of this three-tier approach together with collaborations with multiple academic and industrial partners all over the globe gives the group a unique research platform to study the aging process.

“Our ultimate goal is to find new aging interventions enabling people to live longer and more productive lives” says Associate professor and Group Leader Morten Scheibye-Knudsen.

Main findings

The group is newly started but has already co-authored a few papers on machine learning in aging research, and the characterization of premature aging disorders. More to come!