New Hallmarks of Aging

New New Hallmarks of Aging

Please, use the following link for signing up for the hybrid symposium New Hallmarks of Aging the 22nd of March 2022:

Registration for New Hallmarks of Aging.

Due to COVID-19 the symposium is set up as a hybrid event. Please, find the best way for you to attend the symposium!

The symposium New Hallmarks of Aging is focusing on different aspects of molecular changes in and how interventions affect the aging human body.

The symposium will comprise of three subthemes:

  1. Primary hallmarks – causes of damage
  2. Antagonistic hallmarks – responses to damage
  3. Integrative hallmarks – culprits of the phenotype.

Each of these subthemes will be further explored through presentation from a panel of renowned researchers:

  • Patricia Opresko, Professor, University of Pittsburgh
  • Yosef Shiloh, Professor, Tel Aviv University
  • Erik Verdin , Professor, Buck Institute
  • Tom Kirkwood, Professor, Newcastle University
  • Lynne Cox , Professor, Oxford University
  • Jean Marc Egly, Professor, National Taiwan University and University of Strasbourg, France
  • Vilhelm Bohr, Professor, NIA/NIH

Early Career Scientist will also be presenting their research as their abstracts will be displayed in reception area.

The final program will be sent to all participants prior to the symposium and will also be available at the venue.