IARU Aging, Longevity and Health Conference

Aging is one of the most complex challenges that the world is facing today. To meet that challenge, the Center for Healthy Aging launched the Aging, Longevity and Health Initiative in 2014.

The initiative brings together an interdisciplinary field of leading researchers from the International Alliance of Research Universities (IARU) annually, with the purpose progressing the field of aging research by harnessing the interdisciplinary strengths of their international colleagues.

This year, the Conference will be hosted by the Center for Healthy Aging. The primary focus of this year's conference is on interdisciplinary aging research, and the conference will be attended by leading researchers from the founding institutions of the Aging, Longevity and Health Initiative within the IARU Network. 
The steering group members of the initiative are:

  • Prof. Lene Juel Rasmussen, University of Copenhagen
  • Prof. Nicolas Cherbuin, Australian National University (current chair)
  • Prof. Angelique Chan, National University of Singapore
  • Prof. Katsuya Iijima, The University of Tokyo
  • Dr. Louise Lafortune, University of Cambridge
  • Prof. Sarah Harper, University of Oxford
  • Prof. David Lindeman, University of California, Berkeley
  • Prof. Xiaoying Zheng, Peking University
  • Dr. Sebastiana Kalula, University of Cape Town

If you wish to participate in the opening day of the IARU Aging, Longevity and Health Conference, sign up here. The opening day will be held on October 19th.