Family demography in the Loft Group

The goal of our research is to examine the effects of family environments transitions and genetic predispositions in achieving healthy aging. We combine insights from a number of scientific disciplines such as demography, sociology, gerontology, public health, genetics, and statistics.

Family demography in the Loft Group

Research focus

Good as well as bad life style habits are influenced by social relationships. The goal of our research is to improve the scientific understanding of the relationship between social environments and genetic predispositions for health problems associated with, for example, smoking, alcohol, obesity, cognitive ability and mental wellbeing.

We have a particular focus on the family environment and how family life trajectories across the life course impacts health and a successful aging process.

“We know that close family ties and a strong social network are positively associated with physical and mental wellbeing as people age. With our research we aim to improve early identification of vulnerable groups among the elderly by promoting an integrated perspective of social inequality and health science”, says Principal Investigator and Assistant professor Lisbeth Loft.

Ideally, our findings will not only have scientific value, but also be used when developing strategies for supportive and preventive social and health policies.