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Network for Young Scholars 

Network for Young Scholars (NYS) in Center for Healthy Aging is a network for PhD students and postdocs, connected to the center.

The vision is to build a platform for young researchers to promote research training, educational activities, and social networking in an interdisciplinary context.

Since 2009, shifting steering groups have organized the activities including Academic Fridays, conferences, and PhD courses. In 2017, it was decided to form an autonomous entity concentrating solely on organizing PhD courses, the CEHA PhD Academy for Interdisciplinary Aging Research (PAIAR). At the same time it was decided to reintroduce an increased focus on research training and social networking by establishing a new NYS steering group and develop the network further.

Steering group

The NYS steering group consists of:

  • Anna Constance Vind, PhD student, theme III
  • Paulie Calderon Cifuentes, PhD student, theme III
  • Maxim Tollenaere, postdoc, theme III
  • Michael Ben Ezra, PhD student, theme III
  • Pia Nygaard, academic offer, CEHA secretariat

If you are interested in joining the steering group, please contact academic officer Pia Nygaard for more information.


Great ideas for workshops and seminars are always welcome! If you would like to take an active share in the network, please contact academic officer Pia Nygaard for further information.