Intervention project on physical activity – University of Copenhagen

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Intervention project on physical activity

The training intervention project is a collaboration among several research groups within the center. Recruitment, training and testing are carried out at clinical facilities at Bispebjerg Hospital (Kjaer group), and MRI scans are conducted at Hvidovre Hospital (Siebner and Garde group). Finally questionnaires and a cognitive test are administered by Lykke Mortensen and colleagues at the Department of Public Health (UCPH). The project has been initiated and subjects (62-70 yrs old) are being recruited and randomized to 3 study subgroups, stratified by intensity and type of training, as follows:

  • Heavy resistance training 3x/week in a training center;
  • Unsupervised moderate resistance training at home (2x/week) and supervised 1x/week training at a hospital;
  • Non-strenuous exercise activities (control group). Current enrolment is 80 individuals. To date, compliance with exercise regimens has been good, and relatively few adverse effects of the exercise programs have been reported. Subject testing is proceeding on schedule.