10 November 2020

New BRIDGE call: More Young Talents to Bring Medical Research and Practice Closer Together

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BRIDGE – Translational Excellence Programme at the University of Copenhagen has received DKK 84.5 million from the Novo Nordisk Foundation to make 42 young researchers experts at working across university, clinic and industry. The corona crisis shows just how important strong interaction between research and practice is, says Dean Ulla Wewer.

BRIDGE fellow at one of the many courses of the programme that shall strengthen their ability to navigate the process from basic research discoveries to treatment of patients.  

The grant is an extension of the programme, which has already admitted two cohorts of 11 two-year fellows. Over the next five years, another three cohorts of 14 young researchers will join them.

BRIDGE – Translational Excellence Programme at University of Copenhagen opens for new mentor teams in the fall of 2020 (deadline: 31 January 2021). Applicants for fellowships can apply from 1 January 2021 to 28 February 2021. Project start is 1 September 2021.

Together with mentors from different disciplines, BRIDGE fellows conduct research projects in the cross field between university research, clinical practice and research and development in the pharmaceutical industry, while at the same time taking courses that equip them to build bridges between different players in healthcare. And the healthcare system needs them, says Ulla Wewer, Dean at the Faculty for Health and Medical Sciences:

‘I am very grateful that the Novo Nordisk Foundation makes it possible for BRIDGE to continue. The corona pandemic clearly shows the importance of close collaboration between basic research, industry and clinic, so that scientific discoveries can benefit patients as quickly as possible. Within a very short time, we must diagnose, treat and prevent a completely new disease. BRIDGE is about gearing up the healthcare system to handle such processes’.

Precisely the goal of contributing to a flexible healthcare system is in focus at the Novo Nordisk Foundation:

‘Both in the industry, the university world and in hospitals, there is a great need for researchers who know how to work across the sectors. We want to help strengthen collaboration, knowledge exchange and networking between the sectors and overcome barriers that prevent researchers from moving from one sector to another’, says Niels-Henrik von Holstein-Rathlou, Senior Vice President, the Novo Nordisk Foundation.

Implementation is a Discipline of its Own
The BRIDGE fellows develop their research projects in collaboration with experienced researchers representing university research, clinical environments and the pharmaceutical industry. The 22 current projects span widely, from developing new types of birth control to artificial intelligence solutions and to new treatments for neurological diseases and infections.

‘The projects are very promising, and our expectations are high. But BRIDGE is also very much about creating a new ecosystem, to build bridges between the university, hospitals and the life science industry over time. It is a discipline all in itself to know how to be part of different settings and be good at implementation’, says Dean Ulla Wewer.

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Important Deadlines:
Deadline for registration of mentor teams: 31 Januar 2021
Deadline for applicants: 28 February 2021
Project start: 1 September 2021