Center for Healthy Aging at Folkemødet 2017 – University of Copenhagen

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13 June 2017

Center for Healthy Aging at Folkemødet 2017

People's Festival

Research communication in an untraditional framework, joint agenda setting with key stakeholders and relationship management: Center for Healthy Aging is attending the 2017 Folkemødet – The People’s Political Festival with five researchers who will put their knowledge into play.

From 15 June to 18 June 2017, researchers from Center for Healthy Aging go to Bornholm to communicate knowledge and to put a spot on research in healthy, long lives and on the contribution of seniors to society. It is the third year running that Center for Healthy Aging will be participating.

The People’s Political Festival or in Danish Folkemødet, with its 100,000 participants and more than 850 organizations represented, is a central meeting place and an important event for dialogue, science communication, and debate as well as relationship management.

The power of seniors

Research in healthy aging offers new opportunities for an active lifestyle and high quality of life when we get older - for the benefit of the individual and the economy. Center for Healthy Aging will challenge prejudice of old age and highlight qualities and opportunities in the third act. With an aging population it is important to ensure that more people have a good and active life as they grow older.

Communication in different formats

Networking event with researchers, a senior citizen interest group, a pension fund and inspirational seniors. Workshops with researchers, patient organizations and politicians. Science slams and playful mind mapping with post-its. Research communication in different formats and involvement of participants form the framework when five researchers from Center for Healthy Aging head towards Bornholm. The hopes and dreams of senior citizens, volunteering, prevention and active aging. These are some of the headlines for Center for Healthy Aging six events at this year's Folkemødet. In addition, the center's researchers also participate in a number of other organizations' debates.

Watch our video campaign Third Act on Center for Healthy Aging on Facebook, which we have made in cooperation with DaneAge and the PKA pension fund. Here you will meet inspiring seniors who will tell you how and why bold choices and new ways to adapt can bring about renewed vitality, joy and enthusiasm.

Center for Healthy Aging is supported by Nordea-fonden. Our communication at Folkemødet is also in line with our involvement in the pan-European project EIT Health.