Center of Healthy Aging is part of a European network, MouseAge, which is being developed for preclinical testing of interventions in mouse models of age and age-related diseases.

Improving the quality of aging research

A key requisite to develop new interventions for age-related conditions and promote healthier aging is the availability and use of preclinical murine models. There is currently a clear lack of such models and appropriate standardized methodologies to test interventions.

Therefore, to improve the quality of European aging research a coordinated interdisciplinary action is needed to standardize methodologies and animal welfare, and to define endpoints, as well as centralizing information, models and technologies for the assessment of interventions.

This action proposes to set-up a highly interactive and flexible European network, which will create a critical mass of cross-disciplinary scientists, clinicians and industrial partners to reach consensus on ways to test preclinical interventions in aging mice. It will consolidate current best practice across leading European institutions and researchers, maximize resource efficiency, and provide a platform to help train the next generation of scientists.