IARU Summer School motivates student to a World Bank Fellowship – University of Copenhagen

IARU Summer School motivates student to a World Bank Fellowship

The IARU Summer School Program brings together students from all over the world. A participant from 2013, Hannah Bathula, from the Australian National University tells how her participation took her to a short-term fellowship at The World Bank.

Personal statement from Hannah Bathula

“The Interdisciplinary Aspects of Healthy Aging course at University of Copenhagen through the IARU was an unforgettable experience. This course provided me with an opportunity to study and research in an international multidisciplinary team on an issue affecting our global community i.e. the aging population.

Since the participating students were from diverse fields that include economics, information and communication technology, and the medical sciences, we were able to learn from each other’s experiences on issues relating to the project. Using our diverse backgrounds, we identified and analyzed key issues of the aging population and also considered ways to address them in order to enable the aging population to live healthy and sustained lives.

New urge for interdisciplinary environment

Upon my return to Australia, I realized that the IARU experience created a new urge to look for a similar interdisciplinary collaborative environment that could effectively address global social issues. This was a primary reason that motivated me to apply for a Fellowship at The World Bank’s Integrity Vice Presidency’s Special Litigation Unit. The Integrity Vice Presidency focuses on addressing fraud and corruption in World Bank financed projects.

My experiences and insights gained throughout the Interdisciplinary Aspects of Healthy Aging course allowed me to gain a better understanding of the way corruption of social services could jeopardize and hinder the way the aging population could live sustained lives. For example, corruption in health care services would severely restrict elderly access to care, particularly in developing countries with a dramatically increasing aging population.

Summer School fostered global mindset

Learning from the Center of Healthy Aging experts on various aspects of the aging population fostered my global mindset and motivated me to work on global social issues in an interdisciplinary and multicultural setting. Of course, another interesting benefit of this experience was making great friends and building a network of passionate colleagues from all over the world”