IARU Sommer School 2012 – University of Copenhagen

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IARU Summer School 2012

Course Title 
Interdisciplinary Aspects of Healthy Aging

Brief Course Description 
The course is designed for students who would like to gain diverse experience in the Aging research field. It is rooted in the Center of Healthy Aging (CEHA) and reflects CEHA's various research projects and interdisciplinary nature.

The course combines lectures and project work. Students will learn the basic research concepts and principles in diverse disciplines including humanities, social science, epidemiology, neurology, physiology, and molecular biology from the lectures. Students will then form groups and carry out a research project under the supervision of CEHA tutors. This course is aimed at students who have gained a first bachelor level degree and are interested in all aspects of ageing research. Students from all fields are welcome. 

Start & End dates 
5-23 July 2012

Assessment details 
The course is divided into two parts: lectures in the first 4 days and practical courses in groups the following days (3-4 students per group). Each group will present their project work on the last day. 

During the practical course, students will write essays individually about their findings/conclusions.

Each student will submit an essay of 2000-4000 words. The essays will be assessed with the mark of pass/failed."

Outcome of the course 
5 ECTS points are given from this course. More importantly, the students will gain good foundation knowledge and practical experience in the field of aging research in various aspects including humanities, social science, epidemiology, neurology, physiology, and molecular biology. 

Practical information
Please read the following information about the Summer School for information on time and course schedule, class rooms etc.