EIT Health Labelled PhD Programme

Are you interested in accelerating your research and solving future healthcare challenges?

University of Copenhagen is part of an EIT Health Labelled PhD Programme, which is seeking 25 top PhD students who are interested in building competences within innovation and entrepreneurship, to accelerate their research and solve future healthcare challenges.

The PhD programme offers:

  • Access to Europe’s top network of academic and non-academic partners in the healthcare sector
  • Training in innovation, entrepreneurship and business skills
  • International mobility
  • Specialization in bridging fields of health sciences

Relevant research fields

Aging research within the areas of: Cell biology, Biomedicine, Neuroscience, Epidemiology and Gerontology.

Eligibility criteria

PhD students enrolled at the Graduate School of Health and Medical Sciences, UCPH no later than January 2022.

Further information

The EIT Label PhD programme runs from January 2022 to 2025.
The PhD project must include cross-sector co-supervision.
Applicants must be committed to complete a minimum of 30 ECTS credits* incl.: Advanced courses, innovation & entrepreneurship courses, internship, and international mobility at one or more of the 140 European partners (academic, business or public) in the EIT Health network in the PhD programme.

* Please notice that these ECTS may vary from the ones that are accepted by the Graduate School.

The EIT Label PhD programme is an add on to your PhD studies and the obligations that you have with the Graduate School at SUND. Upon completion of the PhD programme, you will be rewarded with an EIT PhD Label Certificate as well as the official PhD diploma from University of Copenhagen. 

Learn more at the official website for EIT Health Ageing PhD School