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Center for Healthy Aging contributes with different educational initiatives at both pre- and post-graduate level.






On a regular basis, Center for Healthy Aging hosts PhD courses arranged or co-arranged by researchers from Center for Healthy Aging. Currently we have no active PhD courses, but we are working on offering some in the future. Stay updated with the list below or the Graduate School's PhD course catalogue.























Are you interested in accelerating your research and solving future healthcare challenges?

University of Copenhagen is part of an EIT Health Labelled PhD Programme, which is seeking 25 top PhD students who are interested in building competences within innovation and entrepreneurship, to accelerate their research and solve future healthcare challenges.

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Are you interested in making either your Bachelor’s, Master’s or Research Year’s assignment on aging-related issues? Then researchers from Center of Healthy Aging can be your supervisors.

Center for Healthy Aging is an interdisciplinary research center closely linked with the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences. The center focuses on research into aging for better health and reduced frailty throughout life. The research produce new knowledge on how more people can live healthy lives and enjoy a robust old-age. The multidisciplinary research tracks investigate biomedical, social and psychological causes of healthy aging, and this knowledge will form the basis for new initiatives for both prevention and treatment.

Key research questions at Center for Healthy Aging

  • How can we ensure that we live and age well over the course of a lifetime?
  • How should we explain the biology of aging?
  • How do we minimize age-related diseases?
  • How do we encourage people to take care of their health and enjoy more healthy, active years of their life?

The center includes three research tracks and a number of interdisciplinary activities. The three tracks are all seeking new knowledge about how more people can have a healthy life and healthy aging.

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What the course is about: Population aging is a major demographic trend across world regions and brings with it complex opportunities as well as challenges for individuals, the healthcare systems, societal resources, infrastructure, and resource allocations.

To reap the benefits of a larger population of elderly and to minimize the challenges of same, there is a huge focus on defining and implementing more sustainable approaches to aging. However, sustainable aging is not a well defined strategy, and perceived best approach varies significantly from different scientific disciplines.

In this interdisciplinary online course, leading age-researchers representing biology, medicine, social sciences and humanities will give you their perspectives on sustainable aging, inspire you to do your own assessment through facilitated discussion between presenter(s) and students.

Who is this course for: This course is intended for master students and PhD students in their first years of their PhD who are interested in aging and interdisciplinarity. All scientific backgrounds are welcome

The course spans 5 days and will have a strong focus on facilitated discussions between presenter(s) and students.

How to participate in the course: This is an online course. Presentations are offered via live-streaming with input from participating students but are also recorded an offered as streams.

Students are given assignments after each lecture. Students will be divided into work groups depending on time zones. Review of assignments will be done via live streaming in a time slot most optimal for all international students and will be available for streaming afterwards.

Criteria for completion: Completion of course will be based on participation in group work. Course is graded with a pass / non- pass grade. Upon completion an official course certificate will be issued. Participation is awarded with 5 ECTS (Suggested).

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