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Keep Your Brain Healthy

Target groups: seniors aged 55-70 years

Stakeholders: DGI and Agency for Culture and Palaces

Purpose: To give more seniors a longer, more active and healthier life. The project will inspire seniors on their way to retirement - physical, mental and social.

The team Keep Your Brain Healthy is an activity and dissemination project. Keep Your Brain Healthy will translate research-based knowledge of healthy aging into concrete activities. The impact of the activities will be evaluated during the project period. Seniors on their way to retirement are in transition, changing their habits and living conditions, and research shows that physical activity, mental stimulation and social intercourse keep the brain healthy.

The project has activities within three tracks:
1. SMART Training
2. The culture in motion - movement in culture
3. Senior training in nature

Keep Your Brain Healthy is headed by DGI and is supported by the Nordea-fonden. Read more at (only in Danish).