PhD course on Aging from a cross disciplinary perspective

What it is about?

Aging is a research field that is approached by many different scientific disciplines. The question “How can we avoid the negative consequences of aging” is fascinating no matter if you have a background in biology, medicine, social sciences,
humanities or other. Each research discipline has its own unique view on aging, but also limitations to the extent that the phenomenon can be studied. With this course, the student will be introduced to the forefront research of different research disciplines, and will through discussion, actively relate different aspects of age perception to get a deeper understanding of aging mechanisms.

This PhD-course offers a series of introductory lectures on aging presented by renowned gerontologists within biology, medicine, social sciences and humanities. The course spans three days, and will have a strong focus on facilitated discussions between presenter(s) and students.

Participation in the course will be rewarded with 2,4 ECTS points upon completion.

Want to know more?

Course director Claus Desler, Associate professor, CEHA / ICMM,

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Please register before 1 November 2019.