Interdisciplinary Interventions for Healthy Aging – What young researchers want

Lifestyle actions that successfully promote a healthy lifespan and delays lifestyle- and age related chronic diseases have been identified and consolidated by researchers. The research groups within CEHA have put extraordinary efforts into describing how various health-promoting actions affect people and society on e.g. physiological, economic, social, biomolecular, psychological and even cultural levels. Despite the awareness of lifestyle actions that are truly beneficial for our health, it is a fact that the “real life implementation” of them often are difficult.

The purpose of this workshop is for young CEHA scientists (in groups) to create and present an original solution to a health-related “real life” problem that uses a multidisciplinary (disciplines within CEHA) approach to achieve healthy aging in the general population. Participants will receive feedback on their protocol/idea/solution at the end of the day.

We hope that this workshop will fertilize brand new ideas of healthy aging as well as fruitful collaborations across CEHA, initiated by young researchers.

Participation of young researchers (post docs, PhD’s and masters students) within all disciplines and CEHA tracks is key for the outcome of this workshop. 


To start the day off, Network of young scientists (NYS) at CEHA welcomes all researchers to three intriguing presentations about interdisciplinary research from 8.30-10.30. 


08:30 – 08:35: NYS – Introduction of speakers and workshop

08:35 – 09:20 David Budtz Pedersen, Professor, PhD, Humanomics Research Centre, Dept. Communication and Psychology, AAU: “Knowledge Integration Across Disciplines - Lessons for Early-Career Researchers”

09:30 – 10:00: Bjarke Oxlund, Professor MSO, PhD, Head of Dept. & Vice Director, Dept. of Anthropology & CEHA, UCPH: ”From inter- to transdisciplinary: CEHA engagements in the real world”

10:00 – 10:30: Stine Møllegaard, Asst. Professor, PhD, Group leader, Dept. of Sociology & CEHA, UCPH: “Sociogenomics: Integrating Genetics and Social Science Research”

11:00 – 12:00: Group Work: Identify your research goal(s) – Develop your protocol

12:00 – 12.30: Lunch pack

12:30 – 16.00: Development of interdisciplinary research protocol

16:00 – 17.00: Presenting your research proposal – Panel Discussion and feedback

18.00: Dinner at a nice restaurant