Seminar by Sarah Harper: Understanding cross-comparative late life well-being - methodological and conceptual challenges

The seminar is presented by Professor Sarah Harper, Professor of Gerontology, University of Oxford, and Guest Professor at Center for Healthy Aging, and Dr Sara Zella, University of Oxford and Visiting Researcher, Center for Healthy Aging. Professor Harper is the Founding Director of the Oxford Institute of Population Ageing at the University of Oxford.

The speakers will present three research projects drawing on comparative analysis of SHARE and ELSA addressing well-being in 12 countries, with in-depth analysis of Denmark, France and England. Particular attention will be given to methodological challenges and cross-cultural interpretations. The second part of the seminar will comprise a discussion with seminar participants on ways forward for future collaborations.

The purpose of the seminar is to cover overlapping and shared interests within ageing research conducted at University of Oxford and University of Copenhagen, within the overall scope of finding common ground for future research collaborations. All researchers in the Center are encouraged to participate.