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International Scientific Advisory Board

The role of the Scientific Advisory Board, SAB, is to provide advice about strategic planning, recruitment, feasibility, progress and development of the Scientific Program. The Board proposes criteria for evaluating scientific progress and success, assists in establishing suitable external domestic and international collaborations, and advises on scientific goals. Finally, SAB helps CEHA leadership ensure that its research programs meet the highest international standards and achieve optimal scientific impact. The Board meets once a year in Copenhagen.

Members of the SAB

Theme I, Health-promotion innovations in local communities:

Professor Sarah Lamb, Brandeis University, US 
Professor Ulrika Winblad, Uppsala University, Sweden 

Theme II, Life course aging processes:

Professor Erik Boddeke, University of Groningen, Netherlands 
Professor Boo Johansson, Göteborg University, Sweden 

Them III, Energy levels in humans:

Professor George Brooks, University of California, Berkeley
Professor Tone Tønjum, Oslo University, Norway 
Professor Jan Vijg, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, US 

Communication and Outreach:

Dr Erinma Ochu, University of Salford, Manchester, UK