Steering Committee

The Steering Committee provides oversight for research activities, financial issues, recruitment, strategic planning and outreach.

The Chair of the Steering Committee is the Executive Director, Professor Lene Juel Rasmussen, and the Committee members are leaders of the three research tracks, as well as the Outreach Director.

The Committee meets approximately eight times a year.

Members of the Steering Committee

  • Executive Director, Professor Lene Juel Rasmussen
  • Outreach Director, Anéh Christina Hajdu
  • Deputy Director, Professor Rudi Westendorp
  • Leader of research track 1, Professor Michael Kjær
  • Leader of research track 2, Professor Karsten Vrangbæk
  • Leader of research track 3, Professor Flemming Dela

Team leaders of the secretariat, Senior Advisor Nynne Agergaard Hansen and Senior Advisor, Senior Press Officer Gitte Inselmann Frandsen, are also participating the Steering Committee meetings.