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Selected publications on health promotion innovations

Andersen JH, Whyte SR. Measuring risk, managing values: health technology and subjectivity in Denmark. Anthropology & Medicine. DOI:10.1 080/13648470.2014.907022, 2014. 

Bødker M, Nielsen AJ. Providing rehabilitation online – invisible work and diagnostic agents. Journal of Health Organization and Management. In press. 

Kriegbaum M, Kildemoes HW, Rasmussen JN, Hendriksen C, Vass M, Mortensen EL, Osler M. Do Social background and intelligence early in life influence use of coronary heart disease preventive medicine in adulthood? BMJ Open. 4:e004178, 2014.

Kristiansen M, Lue-Kessing L, Norredam M, Krasnik A. Migrants’ perceptions of aging in Denmark and attitudes towards remigration: findings from a qualitative study. BMC Health Services Research, 15:225, 2015.

Lassen AJ. Billiards, rhythms, collectives – Billiards at a Danish activity centre as a culturally specific form of active ageing. Ethnologia Europaea. 44:57-74, 2014.

Lassen AJ. Keeping disease at arm’s length: How older Danish people distance disease through active ageing. Ageing & Society. In press.

Lassen AJ, Moreira T. Unmaking old age – Political and cognitive formats of active ageing. Journal of Aging Studies. 30:33-46, 2014.

Oxlund B, Whyte SR. Measuring and Managing Bodies in the Later Life Course. Journal of Population Ageing. 7: 217-230, 2014.

Rudkjøbing A, Strandberg-Larsen M, Vrangbaek K, Andersen JS, Krasnik A. Health care agreements as a tool for coordinating health and social services. International Journal of Integrated Care. In press.

Sander M, Oxlund B, Jespersen A, Krasnik A, Mortensen EL, Westendorp RGJ, Rasmussen LJ. The challenges of human population ageing. Age and Ageing. 0:1-3, 2014. Wadmann S. Physician-industry collaboration: conflicts of interest and the imputation of motive. Social Studies of Science. 44:531–554, 2014.