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Educational activities on health-promotion innovations

Post graduate activities

  • Introduction to the Danish welfare model and health care system. Type of teaching: Lectures, group teaching. Study program: Erasmus Mundus Master in Public Health. 
  • Qualitative methods. Study program: Master in Public Health
  • Seminar about patient safety in cancer trajectories. Master of Public Health program

Master level activities

  • Clotworthy, A. Course leader/instructor for Theme 1, 2014 
  • IARU CEHA Summer School
  • Lassen, AJ. Guest lecture entitled ‘ANT, aktivitet og aldring’ given at the course Kulturanalyser as part of the ethnological master program
  • Lassen, AJ. Guest lecture entitled ‘Brugerdreven innovation af velfærdsteknologier til ældre mennesker’ at the master program It & Sundhed
  • Lassen, AJ. Guest lecture entitled ‘Formats, practices and technologies of active ageing’ given at the historical and ethnological master course ‘Biopolitik i velfærdsstaten’, Faculty of Humanities, February 2014
  • Lassen, AJ. Supervision and guidance of the project ‘Det gode liv som ældre i Argentina’ in Buenos Aires Argentina, conducted by ethnological MA student Camilla Søgaard as part of the ethnological master course ‘Etnologisk Projekt’, Faculty of Humanities, autumn 2014
  • Nørtoft, K. Ethnology project – supervision of MA student as part of photo/sound elicitation project on retirement
  • Whyte, SR. Lecturer: Health promotion in a community setting. Study program: Public Health Science 
  • Whyte, SR Lecturer: Social Medicin and rehabilitation. Study program: Public Health Science.